What The Shape Of Your Butt Has To Say About Your Health?

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The size and shape of one’s buttocks can reveal a lot of things about the health. Only its size can show the general health condition of a person. Generally, people tend to believe that fat storages are bad for the health, but this might not be always true.

Actually, it all has to do with the position where the fat is stored. The precise places where fat is present shows a lot about the health, according to the researchers. For example, if you have fat on your chest or in the trunk, it might be a sign of poor health. On the other hand, the fat in the butt and hips is not as alarming.

The fat in the hip area keeps the harmful fat acids away from the vital organs, like the heart, vital arteries and liver. This way the fat in the hips protects the body from hearth diseases, or even diabetes.

Our body is a smart system, it actually knows where to store the fat. For women, the hormones dictate that fat will be stored in the butt, and that way they protect the hearth.

Statistics also show that those with bigger butts have higher intelligence than others. Namely, people with buttocks of a larger size need more Omega-3 fats, which are linked to brain development.

Results are also showing that women with bigger buttocks actually have lower level of cholesterol and their body is producing more hormones to process sugar.

So having a bigger butt than the others is a good thing in some cases, but there are some things that we can do to remove the fat from our butt area and make it look and feel stronger. When it comes to shapes, there are different things you could do based on what the shape means.

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